Cloud Bare Metal Single Processor

What is Cloud Bare Metal?

It is a bare-metal environment which you can choose to run Linux or Windows right on top of the server or run on any Hypervisor technology like VMWare, XEN, KVM and more.

Private Cloud gives you the maximum flexibility possible. You can also connect the servers to your local data center and establish a hybrid cloud setup using private fiber connectivity or through VPN.

At ReadySpace, we offer the flexibility and design consultation that you need to run a successful Bare Metal for your application. These servers can run on Intel, AMD or IBM Power processors.

How Bare Metal Servers Work?
Bare metal servers are also known as single-tenant physical servers or dedicated servers. The operating system is installed directly onto the server on a bare metal server, eliminating layers and delivering better performance.

A business can run dedicated servers in its own data center or a colocation center, or rent them on an hourly or monthly subscription basis from a managed service provider.

The Benefits of Bare Metal Servers
Maximum Performance

We can optimize a single-tenant physical server’s resources for your unique workloads so that it performs according to your requirements.


Physically isolate your data, applications and other resources with a bare metal server for a higher level of privacy and security than a virtual server.


Avoid the noisy neighbor effect as you aren’t sharing server resources with other tenants as with a hypervisor server.

Are Bare Metal Servers the Right Fit?
Despite their overwhelming popularity, bare metal servers are not the best choice for every type of business.

Companies in the financial, healthcare and retail industries opt for single-tenant, bare metal servers to meet stringent requirements for regulatory compliance, privacy and security. On the other hand, businesseses that don’t need the performance and security requirements of a dedicated environment are often a good fit for a fully managed, virtualized environment.

How Can We Help You With Your Bare Metal Server Needs
We have provided countless companies with bare metal servers, whether they’re using public, private or hybrid clouds. Our dedicated server customers needed to upgrade their legacy systems and optimize the performance of its IT infrastructure. We’ve also helped countless software company, reliably provide its digital offerings in a private cloud.

We have worked with these numerous companies, to understand their unique business needs and pain points — and to provide them with the best configuration of bare metal servers for their public, private and hybrid clouds.

Need more info about the different types of servers? Check out this comparison of dedicated servers vs. cloud servers.

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