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The full suite of services provided by ReadySpace means that we are well-covered here & their dedicated team is well equipped to meet all of our growing needs of our clients. Thumbs up!

That Full Stop LLP

Worked with Ready Space for close to 10 years. They helped me obtain my website domain and handled the hosting. Big thumbs up to the good service given. Their technical and admin support is prompt and effective. I will unreservedly recommended Ready space to everyone out there!

Lawrence Tan
Propnex Realty Pte Ltd

Fast and reliable. What more can you ask for from a hosting company? Five stars service.

Tze Hur
The Yacht Club

We have been with Readyspace for several years now and are happy that they have enabled us to scale our website over the time we have been partnering them. As our traffic has increased, Readyspace has helped to upgrade the hardware to ensure that our website runs smoothly and caters… Read more “We have been with Readyspace”

Alfred Siew
Goondu Media Pte Ltd

All too often its too easy to jump to a great deal at first glance and realise that it wasn’t so good, further down the line. I’m Leonard Lee and I’m the generation that embraced the Internet with my trusty modem card at 9600bps, to my 28.8 US Robotics dialing… Read more “All too often its too”

Leonard Lee
Ready2Track, Syncrowerkz, TunedForDrift, EzyDeals

Stable and reliable servers, quick response and rectification to issues. We hope to continue this wonderful business association with Readyspace in years to come.

Eugene Chong
WEMP Pte Ltd

Wanted to switch to a local firm to manage my firm’s domain and hosting services as it’ near impossible to get help from the previous service provider. Contacted ReadySpace’s personnel and mange to switch over pretty quickly. I’m not an expert in this field and at times couldn’t understand what… Read more “Wanted to switch to a”

Angie Koh
Advante Consulting Pte Ltd

ReadySpace has been a dedicated partner, providing prompt and reliable cloud services so that we can in turn focus on what we are best at, developing application and creating solutions for our clients

Robin Thor
Vi8e Pte Ltd

Reliable server and quick response to troubleshooting. Recommended hosting company that will get your back anytime.

Eugene Chong
Daker Pte Ltd

I have been working with ReadySpace over 5 years, and it is really one of the best hosting companies out there. They always go out of its way to provide its own version of “Fanatical Support”. I love working with them! *amen*

Douglas Gan
ShowNearby Pte Ltd

My company JDW Technologies have been working with ReadySpace over 10 years. It’s really one of the best hosting companies in the world. The price is reasonable. They are very supportive in sales and technical issues. We strongly recommend ReadySpace for your hosting solutions.

Samuel T Bontha
JDW Technologies

For the past two years that we are with Readyspace, you team had been responsive and helpful to meet our needs. Readyspace had assist SATS in areas pertaining to connectivity and hosting; we appreciate the great support that we had received from readyspace all these years. Your team is also… Read more “For the past two years”

Mohdnoor Ibrahim

ReadySpace has been providing excellent web hosting services and support for us many years. We can fully rely ReadySpace for web hosting matters and focus on our main business of web design & development services.

Webwiseworkz Pte Ltd

Fast response. Speedy follow up. Full suite of services.


We have been using Readyspace for our clients many years. And Readyspace has always been very supportive in their sales and technical areas. We strongly recommend Readyspace for everyone!

Cindy Soh
Networkz Technologies Pte Ltd

ReadySpace has been a valuable and dedicated partner, providing reliable webhosting services for our clients. With in-depth technical knowledge and excellent client support, they are always willing and ready to provide value-added solutions for our projects.

Vital Tan
Simple Story Pte Ltd

Good experience with technical staff, from all the calls, emails and live chat. They are always attentive and ready to provide support to the challenges that we encountered. They help to resolve those issues by going deep into it, and pointing out where are the problems and actually resolved them!… Read more “Good experience with technical staff,”

Gaius Chow
Power Instruments Pte Ltd

It’s been a truly awesome experience working with Readyspace, I couldn’t be more satisfied with how readily and speedy the service and support from Readyspace are. Not only that your staff had guide me through the troubleshooting process with detailed point-to-point guides, they did so with much patience and flexibility,… Read more “It’s been a truly awesome experience”

Bernard Lim
Wealth College

It’s been 6 years using the services provided by Ready Space and it’s been a very good experience. They have a very good support team and are always ready to help!

Jeff Loh
Arts Culture

Readyspace is always very responsive whenever we need support. They are a highly reliable partner to ensure smooth operations. Thanks Readyspace!

Albert Tirtohadi
Fynd Pte Ltd

Continuous service, prompt support, highly recommended!

Tay Kunming
Far East Gems & Jewellery
Sau San Tong

Wonderful experience with the team. Always Ready!

Church of Singapore (Bukit Timah)

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