15 years ago Bulletin brought mobile handsets into the internet age when we invented and patented the ability to forward email to your phone and reply to it  – the reply being what made this a convenient method of not just checking your email on the road (this was before feature-phones, let alone smartphones) but doing business.

Fast forward to 2016, and our Email2SMS service continues to be a large part of our business. Even though phones have changed dramatically over this time, email2sms continues to be an incredibly useful technology for many business scenarios.

  1. Simplicity
  2. Likely your users are familiar with email, and just as likely they’re already in the habit of checking it! Getting sms replies back into the same inbox from which they were sent out means responding to your customers is quick and easy for all involved.

    We can authorize one, some or all users at your email domain, which gives you the ability to offer email2sms to your entire company easily without needing to manage user accounts in another platform.

  3. No Sub-Accounts Required

    Any CRM system which can send email can now send sms. This allows you to keep using your existing solutions and databases – as long as it can store an email contact you can now SMS your customers.

  4. Integration is Simple

    We provide email2sms as a free feature of our paid Messenger web service. Through our web interface you can see all email2sms sent and received with delivery status, run reports with break-downs to get the necessary analytics, and tools to audit your user’s usage.

  5. Web Interface

If you’ve already signed up as a Messenger user (why not start a free trial today), you are almost ready to use email2sms. You simply need to register your email address or domain.

Once done, you can send sms to anywhere in the world by simply sending an email to from the email account you registered previously (our standard sms charges apply. Contact your account representative for details of your messaging costs).

Replies to SMS are returned back to your email with the original message so you can see the context of the conversation the sms recipient is referring to.

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Ayden is Bulletin’s Business Analyst and Product Owner based in the sunny office in Auckland, New Zealand.

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