SMBs Want a Business Presence, Not a Generic Web Presence

Over 50% of all small businesses don’t have a website online, according to Google. If you see this as an opportunity to sell more generic shared web hosting, you are wrong.
The global online presence market is forecasted to reach $21B USD by 2016. But guess what? SMBs aren’t buying traditional web hosting and building web sites from scratch anymore. Those days are long gone.

For many SMBs, installing and configuring WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal on traditional low-cost shared web hosting accounts is simply too technical or too complex to navigate. When opting to outsource, they are finding that hiring a professional designer is often too expensive.

This leads many SMBs down the DIY path. But with no time to devote to infinitely customizing a professional-looking website, any solution they chose must be very intuitive and have the right set of tools to build an online presence that helps them drive growth of their business online. This is where you come in and save the day for SMBs worldwide.

Introducing Web Business Builder, powered by Yola, the leading cloud-based SaaS website builder that allows SMBs to build a website with an e-commerce store, SEM analytics, and built-in marketing tools.

Fully integrated with Plesk and Parallels Automation, Web Business Builder provides web hosts, telecoms, and distributors with small business audiences an easy and effective way to offer website building services to their customers under their own brand.

But let’s be clear here, Web Business Builder is not just another DIY site builder tool.

For the SMB, the website builder experience includes modern and professional-looking templates with beautiful designs and typography to match, including full mobile support. There are also many advanced but easy-to-use features including full e-commerce shopping cart with inventory management and proper tax assignments, as well as search engine marketing tools to help drive traffic and increase conversions online.

As a Parallels partner, Web Business Builder will enable you to create a new revenue stream by building DIY or do-it-for-me solutions that target the specific needs of SMBs today. The site builder platform also intuitively increases conversions by offering users with in-app contextual messaging that drives customers to automatically upgrade themselves to packages with advanced features at the exact time of need, all without having to contact sales and support staff. Some partners have seen 15-20% conversion rates generated organically.

With over 10 million users on Yola’s site builder platform worldwide, they have identified and built a solution that delivers exactly what SMBs want. And now through our partnership, you can take advantage of this $21B dollar opportunity and create solutions for SMBs that helps them build their business presence online and deliver the results they want.

Web Business Builder will be available in late Q2-2015. More information will be available online here:

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