Why The Tourism Industry Needs Email Security?

When we imagine the industries that come under threat from email security attacks, most of us consider that finance; banking, law and medical science could be targets. But the truth is, a lot of under industries need email security too, including the tourism and heritage industries. Today we look at Canterbury Cathedral in England. After enduring many years of spam email and the time wastage and risks it posed to their employees, Canterbury Cathedral opted to search for a comprehensive email security solution.


What was the problem for Canterbury Cathedral?


Canterbury Cathedral employs over 250 staff and hundreds of volunteers and is a much larger organization than most assume. The challenges faced by most modern businesses are also evident within this organization. One of the greatest challenges is to ensure that its operations run as efficiently and effectively as possible.


When Canterbury Cathedral staff found themselves spending the first part of their day trawling through spam email, management knew it was time to seek a solution. Much of the spam was offensive and even pornographic – and was having a serious impact upon productivity. According to IT Manager, David Tunbridge, who reports to the Chapter (the body responsible for all aspects of the Cathedral’s day-to-day management): “The old system we had in place to identify and manage spam simply wasn’t working. So we took the decision to look for a replacement.”


What’s the solution for email security?


The major problem to be tackled was the sheer volume of email spam, and Tunbridge was quite clear that this was the first prerequisite for any email security solution. On top of this, a managed and easily customized service was desirable.

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