All too often its too

All too often its too easy to jump to a great deal at first glance and realise that it wasn’t so good, further down the line.

I’m Leonard Lee and I’m the generation that embraced the Internet with my trusty modem card at 9600bps, to my 28.8 US Robotics dialing and buzzing away in the night or 3COM routers after I became familiar with such devices, at the age of 15.

Stability has always been a concern – if not the biggest concern. After all, who would you be blaming if the connection was broken? 8minutes for an MP3 was a fair wait.

Since I found Readyspace. I’ve hosted way too many sites through them. Simply because they have been consistently stable. Readyspace has also been quick to respond to the rare issue, when it actually crops up. Most times or other, its been about payment methods expiring (yes, my fault). So it does seem that they’ve been very reliable and easy to use. Its better than it seems. They are very reliable.

Downtime has never been an issue for all the hosted sites. Speedy delivery of content when requested.

What more could i ask for? With a provider like Readyspace, i have not, and will not need to look anywhere else.

Thank you Readyspace and God bless