SolarWinds refreshes Virtualisation Manager with per socket pricing

SolarWinds has updated its Virtualisation Manager tool to help enterprises better manage their virtual desktops.


Virtual desktops are software tools that allow employees to use the same operating system and apps across devices. They also make it easier for IT staff to install and update programs.


According to SolarWinds, Virtualisation Manager can be used to monitor and manage virtual desktops and server virtual machines from VMware and Microsoft through a single dashboard. It also includes a charge-back mechanism that allows IT departments to charge business units for the use of virtual desktops.


Mike Thompson, SolarWinds’ director of business strategy, said in a blog post yesterday that the ability to manage both server virtual machines  and virtual desktops makes it “very easy” to identify issues faced by a company’s virtual infrastructure.


With Virtualisation Manager, SolarWinds is also introducing per socket-based pricing starting at UHKD$2,995 for an 8-socket license, or UHKD$375 per socket. This means businesses are charged based on the number of microprocessors – rather than the number of virtual machines – monitored and used by the software.


Thomson said the new pricing allows companies to maximise the number of virtual machines in their data centres.


SolarWinds’ price seems to be lowest among rival virtualisation management products. Quest Software’s offerings start from UHKD$499 per socket, while Microsoft’s System Center 2012 starts from UHKD$1,803.50 per socket.

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