Pay as you use model for business

For the past few days, I’ve been on public transport and because my favourite Audi A4 2.0T broke down on me. Indeed, I’ve told many that my best and worst experience are both with Audi cars.


Well, although I’m going through this bad experience, life have to go on no matter what. Hence I have to make do with public transportation for the next few days at least. The public transportation is really not that bad after all. Not much to worry about downtime except on certain days I feel squeezed in the crowd, but still i’m brought from point A to B which achieved my objectives.


This brought me to think about business objectives where there are so many ways to achieve what you needed but using a different methods. In many cases, there are ways that are almost cost free to achieve them.


At ReadySpace, we provide you with the “public transportation” concept where cost are brought down so much because many others are sharing the same resources to achieve what you needed daily for your business. Most of the time, it just cost a few dollars per month and thats it. This also means that you can get business out there with the same volume cost that the big guys are getting.


Cloud Services are here to stay and it will change the way businesses are being conducted. Gone were the days where high overheads are required to operate a business. You can get success by just being aware of the available resources around you.

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