Panasonic opens fulfilment centre in Johor

Panasonic Toughbooks, known for their ability to withstand knocks, vibrations and the elements are well-loved by field workers in the defence, transport, logistics and manufacturing industries.

To speed up the time it takes to configure and deliver these hardy laptops into the hands of businesses, Panasonic has set up a new fulfilment centre equipped with local buffer stock and implementation support across the Causeway.

Panasonic said the facility, located within its existing manufacturing plant in Johor, Malaysia, is intended to serve customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

It will also double as a regional service centre, where customers can expect to receive their new devices within two working days in one-to-one swaps.

The centre’s opening comes at a time when demand for rugged tablets and notebooks is expected to grow in the region.

Citing figures from VDC Research, Panasonic said the rugged notebook market in Southeast Asia is forecasted to grow to UHKD$48.3 million by 2018, with demand largely coming from emerging markets such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

“The opening of the facility will ensure that Panasonic Toughbook maintains an intimate relationship with its customers, understanding their needs and increasing their satisfaction, while enabling further growth opportunities in Asean,” said Soh Peng Kiat, general manager of Toughbook solutions team in Asean.

Meanwhile, Panasonic unveiled two new Toughbooks, the CF-MX4 and CF-54. Both Toughbooks are powered by Windows 8.1 Pro, and are among the lightest laptops in the Toughbook line.

The CF-MX4 is targeted at healthcare professionals who can quickly key in patient data using a stylus, while the semi-rugged and CF-54, which can withstand a 76cm fall and 100kg of pressurised vibration, is aimed at workers specialising in indoor repairs and maintenance.

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