Not every savings are profit – Savings could be an expense in other areas

Free business e-mail services have been around for many years now. started this trend providing basic POP3 e-mails and yahoo follow suite. A few years ago, Google Gmail provided email services that even comes with calendar, contacts and mobile sync features. To beat the competition, google even gave away free for businesses that has less than 10 users. They call it Google Apps.


Google Apps becomes a paid service once the number of users increase to more than 10 and it is at a really low price of about $4.50/mth per user. More than just business e-mails features, it also comes free with tools like Google Docs and others making the other competition almost impossible to beat. These questions then came to my mind.


a. With such competitive pricing, how is Google really make their money?


b. Is it really a savings or a cost to you as a business owner?


Well, many of us know that Google Apps for business makes its money not by the subscription paid by end users, but really, they make money by having advertisements on the applications that you are using.


So what does it mean to you?


In 1 perspective, it actually helps you save money by allowing advertisements to be displayed to you and your staffs on their Google interface when they are working and replying their e-mails. In another perspective, it actually list down advertisements that might be related to you where you could easily locate vendors without having the need to search for them.  8-)


However, there are also cons and its cons might easily cost you more than pros. Whenever staffs uses Google Apps, they will be displayed with bountiful amount of information that are unrelated to them. This could cost their efficiency and effectiveness in their work. Think about this, they are hired at a price to help the organisation effective. There are already enough distractions that would cause them to slow down, having it directly on their desktop could cost more for business owners.


Choose ReadySpace Web Hosting or MailOnCloud, you will get effectiveness and efficiency in your organisation. And all these translate to profitability at the end.


Always think about effects of savings. It might cost you more.

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