NEW Zimbra 8.8.8 “Turing” Patch 5

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Hello Zimbra Friends, Customers and Partners,

Patch 5 is here for the 8.8.8 GA release, and it includes fixes as listed in the release notes.

Fixed Issues (Bugzilla query)

108824 Upgrade to ClamAV 0.99.4
108897 Upgrade to OpenJDK 8u162 or later
108972 Talk Service is stopped after installing/upgrading to version 1.0.6

OpenJDK, ClamAV updated packages for 8.7/8.8 releases: Please note that OpenJDK and ClamAV updated packages are also available in Zimbra Collaboration 8.7 and 8.8 repositories.

Patch Installation

For 8.8.8 Patches, you don’t need to download any patch builds. 8.8.8 Patch packages can be installed using Linux package management commands.
Please refer to the release notes for 8.8.8 Patch 5 installation on Redhat and Ubuntu platforms.

8.8.8 Patch Change:
**This note is applicable only if you are upgrading from 8.8.8 GA or 8.8.8 Patch1 to the latest patch. Please ignore if you are upgrading from 8.8.8 Patch2 or higher.

8.8.8 Patch (zimbra-patch) checks if your system is Network Edition, and if so, it adds a new Network Edition-only package repository. As a result, after 8.8.8 Patch installation is complete, Network Edition customers will need to run another package update/upgrade process to obtain the updated Network Edition-only packages available from the newly added package repository.

Note: This patch should be installed only on all mailbox nodes running in your environment. On other nodes, other packages needs to be installed to upgrade OpenJDK and ClamAV , as per the below instructions.

8.8.8 Patch 5 Installation Instructions for Non-mailbox/MTA nodes: Please Read!

  • Install zimbra-core-components package to upgrade OpenJDK on non-mailstore nodes
  • Install zimbra-mta-components package to upgrade ClamAV on MTA nodes

Thank you,

Your Zimbra Team


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Zimbra is an enterprise collaboration software installed Contact us to find out our latest offers!

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