New Features on ReadySpace Cloud Drive

At ReadySpace we have been working hard to improve the user experience of  Cloud Drive and add new features that many of you has requested. I’m therefore super excited to give you this pre-release information on what to expect from our upcoming August release will be like.

New features

  • Usage notifications to Admins

    • When 80 – 100 or 120% resource (storage and users) are reached the admins in the company will receive notification on email about the limit.
  • Auto expire on public links

    • Company admins can set a default expiration data on all public links, and the user can set individual expire periods on links.
  • Password protect your links

    • Users can create more secure version of the normal public link, by adding password protection on any link.
  • Notifications and messages on public links

    • When logged in to the web app a user can add description and information about a given public link to other users.


  • Easy sharing and adding users to shares

    • The sharing function and administration of new users on shares has been improved to be more intuitive and in fewer steps. 
  • Branding of web app with own background images

    • For an even better branding of the web app, Companies can alter the background images on the web app to promote trust and brand recognition. 

More information

You will receive more information with links to how-to videos and guides to the new features.

Tuesday the 4rd of August your Cloud Drive Service will be updated with all the new functionality.

Stay Tuned!

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