New Call Center Reports in 3CX V15.5 SP1

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  • September 29, 2017
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New Call Center Reports in 3CX V15.5 SP1

New Call Center reports available in 3CX V15.5 SP1When running a call center, agent productivity and customer satisfaction are top priorities. And what better way to monitor these than from within your PBX with call reports? With the release of 3CX V15.5 SP1 we have added 4 new call reports which will give managers and supervisors the data they need in order to boost productivity and ensure customer satisfaction.

These are the new reports now available:

  1. Call Distribution
  2. Average Queue Waiting Time
  3. User Activity
  4. Queue Answered / Unanswered Calls

These graph reports are available in 3CX V15.5 SP1, PRO & ENT editions. To find them, you will need to navigate to the Call Reports node from within the management console and click on “ADD”. You will then see them in the dropdown under the “Advanced Call reports” Section. During the setup of the report (frequency, time scale etc.) you can also select the format in which you want the reports in; PDF, HTML or CSV. Once the report is ready you will receive an email with a download link.

So let’s take a look at these new reports and what each one demonstrates.

Outgoing / Incoming Calls (Graph)

Outgoing Incoming Call Reports

This is a bar graph report that displays calls made to and from trunks, gateways, and bridges. By default, it will include Queue calls unless the option “Include Queue calls” is unchecked. The report also reflects calls made to ring groups and may include internal calls if the option “Include internal calls” is checked.

Average Queue Waiting Time (Graph)

Average Queue Waiting Time Call Center reportThe “Average Queue waiting Time (Graph)” is a frequency curve graph. It reflects the “Average wait time in seconds before an agent answers“ and the “Average waiting time in seconds before callers hang up“ for a specific queue or all queues.

User Activity (Graph)

Call Center User Activity ReportThe “User Activity Graph” shows progress and activity of a user so a manager can see which are the most busy periods of the day, month or year. By default it includes queue calls and can also show internal calls, if the option “Include Internal calls” is enabled.

Queue Answered / Unanswered Calls (Graph)

Queue Answered / Unaswered calls report

The “Queue Answered/ Unanswered Calls Graph” shows the progress and activity of “All Queues” or “Individual Queues”. The bar graph will reflect answered & unanswered calls by all the agents in the Queues.

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