Messenger Update – April 2015

After the successful introduction of Group Chat, Bulletin are very excited to announce the latest enhancement to our Chat Functionality – File Sharing!

File Sharing allows you to effortlessly share any type of file with your colleagues. Files can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, any where in the world.

Shared files will be accessible for 24 hours before we securely remove the file, keeping your security our priority.

Sharing files is incredibly useful when words alone are not enough.  If a picture paints a thousand words sharing a file paints a million. Photos, Documents, Spreadsheets, Product Designs, Presentations, in fact any file that’s important to you can be shared with the people that matter in seconds.

To add a file to a Group or Individual Chat either click the paperclip on the Chat page and select the file you want to share…


File Sharing


… or alternatively simply drag and drop the file into the Chat message box.


File shaing 2


Your file will be uploaded and a link to access the file added to the Chat conversation.  To access the file through the link requires authentication through Bulletin Platform, making your files storage secure.


File haring1


Business Communication solutions are paramount to we do here at Bulletin and we are constantly raising the bar on how you can connect, communicate and share ideas with your staff and customers.

File Sharing is the latest enhancement to our products and a substantial step forward.  We are excited to have this new feature available for you today.

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