How Did That Virus Get Past Your Email Security?

Computers have been around for a while now, so most organizations have had their share of virus scares. How many times during the 90’s and early 2000’s was your network or computer taken down by an annoying virus, or worse, how many times did this cause a data breach? The reaction tends to be just that- a reaction. Remove the virus, restore what you can, know to bulk up on email security in the future. But why did those viruses get into your network in the first place?


A virus is one of the oldest known parasites. When computers came around, genius programmers copied the traits of viruses into little computer programs, with the sole purpose of replicating and spreading itself. The most common way for a virus to enter a computer system is STILL via email. So how does that work?


We know the top 3 ways your network got infected, and today we examine the first.


Viruses in spam and phishing emails


Viruses are usually little programs. A lot of viruses out there in the 90’s and early 2000’s preyed on users naivety of the Internet. How many times did you forward a chain email, or a virus warning or even one of those desperate “donation” emails? Did they have an attachment? Usually a virus. People used to fall for these hoaxes quite often and they helped to spread these viruses.


While some people didn’t forward on hoax emails, or even open their attachments, a lot of people did and the viruses could embed into their computer without the user knowing. On top of this, many people forward these chain emails that just serve to clog up other people’s inboxes.


How can we stop spam and hoax emails?


These days it’s easy to block out all of these emails by simply installing the latest email security.

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