GMail is skimming your business MailOnCloud does not

Email is your business – Google makes it theirs.


Google Apps and its GMail skims email contents in order to get the right advertisements to you. What other things they use the skimmed information for? It doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that someone is really looking into your emails for some reasons. This means it is insecure.


Well, that could be how wikileaks comes about. In this super competitive business environment today, you wont want to have someone knowing your competitive strategies. Even if you are doing a small business. Any information leaks will cause your livelihood. Why take the risk? Free doesn’t mean good. Paid doesn’t mean it is expensive. I rather subscribe to a service that is secure enough for my business.


MailOnCloud provides a secure Mail service on Cloud. This is your private user, all data is yours. This is not a public cloud service that scans your data for gold. It’s is running on Open-Xchange platform, a piece of beautifully crafted Open Source software used by tens of millions of people that love to have control over their data.


This is the GMail Man story…


GMail Man : Good morning senders and receivers!


GMail Man : Kelly Winston, get up off that painful itching and burning of yours and come check this out.


GMail Man : Little relief there? Probably feels good, right?


Kelly : No what? Have you been reading my mail?!


GMail Man : (Cheeky smiling) No… Just skimming… For, uh, certain keywords, uh… “Burning” and “Sensation”, “Cat” and uh… “dander”. Mmmm.


GMail Man : Good news is… There is an ointment for 4 out of 4 of those.


GMail Man : Brought to you by PharmacuetiCo. Would you like to have a free 2-week trial?


Kelly : No, no… actually I wouldn’t because I was actually writing about a lasagna that I was afraid of “burning” and my husband said it was “sensation”-al. I have a cat that named “Dandy”. But you know its really none of your business.


GMail Man : My business… Your business… it’s all business. It’s the business of advertising – personalized for whatever you are gmailing.


Kelly : Isn’t that kind of wrong?


GMail Man : Hahahahahahahahahahhahah! Who cares?


— The END —




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