ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200730

New Features[SuperScaler] Added: Passwords in “Login Details” are hidden for security reasons.[SuperScaler] Added: Sub-categories in the order flow. Bugs Fixed[SuperScaler] Fixed: CSS fixes on the order page[SuperScaler] Fixed: Potential Self-XSS vulnerability in the ticket section[SuperScaler] Fixed: Client due date and pay before settings are not applied when creating invoices manually.[SuperScaler] Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200723

New Features[SuperScaler] Added: Additional notifications for new, renewal, and failed orders for SSL.[DNS Hosting] Added: SPF option in product configuration[Cloud Infra] Upgrade: Platform kernel version for Cloud Servers[Infrastructure] Upgrade: Additional redundancy for network routers in Singapore[Infrastructure] Added: New network peering partners – Huawei, Apple, Tencent, Frontier, and Symphony. Bugs Fixed[SuperScaler] Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200716

New Features[Cloud Infra] Added: New feature access to network management for each server.[Cloud Storage] Added: Additional IOPS on storage for faster access. Bugs Fixed[SuperScaler] Fixed: Order page returns “wrong_param” error on packages with one-time cycle and forms[SuperScaler] Fixed: Coupon use error on too many requests for one-step cart templates[SuperScaler] Fixed: Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200709

New Features[Cloud Server] Added: Backup add-on for Cloud Servers in Singapore.[Cloud Server] Added: Snapshot add-on for Cloud Servers in Singapore.[Domain] New: Fresh domain search interface that is easier and faster. Bugs Fixed[WebSpace] Fixed: Zone is not properly synchronised by the cPanel DNS Tool module if the zone name is more Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200702

New Features[SuperScaler] Added: It is now possible to ban entire IP subnets using Security->Banned IPs feature[SuperScaler] Added: Limiting feature to promo-codes input[SuperScaler] Added: Successfully signup will redirect to last HostBill section client accessed it from / was referred from (ie cart page)[SuperScaler] Added: New ordering pages that are easier to Continue Reading