Dropbox Chooser and Wrike: Fantastic File-sharing Experience

Just a couple of days ago, Dropbox announced the release of a cool new feature called “Chooser.” The idea behind this update is to facilitate sharing Dropbox files through other apps. Integrating with this popular sharing tool has been on our roadmap for quite some time, so we were overjoyed by the announcement!



Right after the feature was announced, we jumped at the opportunity, and today you can already enjoy the convenience of attaching Dropbox files directly to tasks and folders in Wrike with a few mouse clicks.


The Dropbox integration lines up perfectly with the Wrike’s approach to file collaboration: You can access the most up-to-date file version without a time consuming re-uploading routine. Combine that with online file editing and Google Docs integration, and you have 3 powerful ways to relieve yourself from file version confusion.


How does it work?


In the task, right under the task description, click on the “Attach from Dropbox” link and choose the desired file. A built-in photo gallery and search function is particularly handy in finding the right file. Even if you update the file in your Dropbox every couple of minutes, your teammates will access the most up-to-date version in Wrike.
We hope this update will make your file collaboration in Wrike even more convenient!


Source : http://www.wrike.com/blog/11/19/2012/Dropbox-Chooser-and-Wrike-Fantastic-file-sharing-experience

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