Dropbox Backup 2.0

dropboxDropbox Backup is a Plesk extension that extends the built-in Backup Manager and allows you to use Dropbox storage. Read more about the extension in the previous post.

A new version of the extension was recently released. It is available in the Extensions Catalog. In this post, I would like to announce new features implemented in this version. All of them are based on the feedback collected from the blog and the forum. Please continue providing your ideas.

The extension is compatible with Plesk since version 11.5 on both Linux and Windows platforms.

Server-Wide Backup

The server admin can back up the entire server to Dropbox. All features from domain backup are available for server-wide usage.



Ability to Import Backup

Plesk 12.0 has introduced an amazing feature for restoration of specific objects from a backup. Learn more about “granular restore”.

In order to support this ability in the extension, we added a button for importing to your local repository. The backup will be copied from Dropbox and you can find it in Plesk Backup Manager.


Windows Support

All of the Linux features are available on the Windows platform now.

Localization Support

English locale is placed to plib/resources/locales/en-US.php. You can translate all locale entries in a new file, for example plib/resources/locales/de-DE.php. The extension uses the same locale as Plesk.

Minor Fixes and Improvements

  • Filtering files by the x-tar mime-type. I guess other files are useless in the backup repository.
  • “Zebra-striping” in versions list. It makes buttons clicking a bit simpler and prevents mistakes.
  • Fixing internal error on domains list (sorting and paging): “Unable to load list data”.
  • Adding domain names into the page title. You will not mix up your domains.
  • Adding current time as a default setting for scheduled backup. You will be sure in the timezone of your server.

Known Problems and Limitations

  • Dropbox authentication does not work in frames. If you use the Service Provider view in Plesk, the extension’s repository cannot be opened. As a workaround you can open the extension’s link in a new browser tab or use the Power User view.

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