Dont discount Saas Email Security for Maximum Protection

The move to cloud or “SaaS” (Software as a Service) technology is a much talked about topic around the world. While SaaS security services offer reduced costs, reduced maintenance, and overall reduced headaches for organizations, those with fears about trusting the “cloud” are holding back. The truth is, SaaS security vendors are even more concerned about privacy, security and data protection than most organizations are. When your business is built on those principles, you can’t afford not to abide by them. That’s why organizations need to learn to open their minds and follow early adopters into the cloud. It makes good business sense.


Effective Phishing Attack Blocking


Phishing attacks are the latest use of email security blended threats. Using information about the email recipient that has been stolen from other sources, phishing emails attempt to lure email readers into a false sense of trust, perhaps by pretending to be someone they know, or a business they work with. SaaS email security uses all of the email security technologies in its arsenal to block phishing attacks, including content filtering and reputation analysis. Fake email addresses will be caught by verification technologies.


Anti-virus protection


Email systems have been under siege from virus attachments since what seems like the dawn of time. But lets not forget that email has really only been in mass use for 15 years or so. In that time, thousands of different email viruses have been spawned, and some keep coming back time and time again. Old school email security systems have learned to spot these, but they can’t catch their newer cousins. Zero-hour virus protection is the kind of protection that only comes with SaaS email security.


ReadySpace email security solution incorporates dedicated email security infrastructure to protect organizations from cyber threats like spam, phishing emails, malware emails and DDoS email attacks. Delivering both inbound and outbound email security in order to cover all bases and protect organization’s reputations from all angles, this SaaS security solution is the one that everyone is talking about. With a spam protection rate of 99.92% and 100% virus protection, MXSweep has your email security covered, so you can get back to doing get business.

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