Choose Email Security That Is Ready For Enterprise-Level Protection

How far does your email security solution go to protect your organization from email security threats? Many organizations today are still relying on old-school in house email security systems, which require constant maintenance, monitoring and updating. On top of that the resources and funding used to carry out email security maintenance could be best used in other areas, especially in these hard economic times. So what does option does that leave for those wishing to cut costs and improve their email security at the same time? SaaS email security fits the bill.


What goes into SaaS email security?


A great SaaS email security solution will combine older email security technologies like behavioral analysis and content filtering with newer ones, like bi-directional filtering. This should all come in an enterprise-ready set and forget it package. Protection from blended threats like phishing and social engineering is a must, and advanced protection from zero-day threats should be included.


What is Bi-Directional email security?


Bi-directional email security filtering means that both inbound and outbound email traffic is monitored. This is a vital part of email security that is often overlooked by older solutions. Any organization that suffers from outbound spam risks huge reputational damage and an have their IP address blacklisted by other security solutions and ISP

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