3 traps to avoid to optimize the UX of your Ecommerce site

Everyone in e-commerce is talking about user experience, but it’s hard to grasp what this term really means, and even harder to optimize it to the point of boosting conversion rates on your online store.

So what exactly is user experience? Often called UX, user experience refers to the path users take on your site before making a purchase, when they’re still just prospects.

It’s crucial to offer them the best user experience possible so they’ll stay on your site, maximizing your chances of increasing conversions.

Even if you yourself are a regular e-commerce buyer and you know your offering backwards and forwards, you’ll need to steer clear of some traps to ensure user experience is optimized on your site.

PrestaShop UX designer Léa Mendès explains how to avoid three common pitfalls, ensuring your user experience is one to remember!

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