Threat Intelligence Roundup – September 02, 2016

August ended with the spike in malware activity we predicted last week to welcome everyone back to school and work. Here is a summary of this week’s FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Brief. 1. Ransomware explodes. Ransomware took off this week, filling nine of our weekly top-ten malware detection list slots. Not Continue Reading

Gone missing: the day a few group members went silent!

Group Replication introduces a new way to do replication in MySQL. With great features such as multi-master replication it brings a range of exciting deployment scenarios where some difficult problems become much easier to solve. Relying on a Consensus protocol – Paxos, to achieve its goal, sometimes we can get into situations where we Continue Reading

4 tips to boost international sales quickly

Learn from the expert! Spanish payment advisor Steven Beamer from Ingenico, gives us the low down on on how to boost international sales quickly in four simple and insightful tips. We talk about the importance of creating a local personalised customer experience to being change ready.  So, if you are Continue Reading

After 4 days, Gabon is getting back on the Internet

On September 1, we reported that we had seen a complete shutdown of Internet access to CloudFlare sites from Gabon. This morning, Internet connectivity in Gabon appears to have been at least partially restored starting at around 0500 UTC. Some news reports indicate that Internet access has been restored in Continue Reading

Unrest in Gabon leads to Internet shutdown (updated)

A second day of rioting in Gabon after the recent election is accompanied by an Internet blackout. Residents of the capital, Libreville, reported that Internet access had been cut and we can confirm that we saw a sudden shutdown of Internet access from Gabon to sites that use CloudFlare. These Continue Reading

Take it Easy, and Say Hi to This New Python Ransomware

A new ransomware variant, named “Fsociety Locker” (“Fsociety ALpha 1.0”), showed up recently seeking a place in the threat marketplace. The authors of this malware must be “Mr. Robot” fans, as the name “Fsociety” refers to the fictional group of hackers in that show. This new ransomware variant is one Continue Reading

Cyber Criminals Set Sights On Carrier Networks  

Can mobile carriers afford to put the loyalty of 47 percent of their customers at risk in the wake of a security breach? These are the stakes, according to a Nokia survey of more than 20,000 global customers. Carrier networks are at the forefront of today’s service revolution. With the Continue Reading

Continuous integration tests for the CentOS Vagrant images

Continuous integration tests for the CentOS Vagrant images Thursday , 1, September 2016 Laurențiu Păncescu cico Since yesterday, we have production-ready automated tests for our Vagrant images on, fully integrated with GitHub. We were only able to build and test scratch images manually until now, which was time consuming Continue Reading

Security Webcast with Yubico

Git is distributed, meaning that people can maintain a copy of the source code. While Git’s distributed nature is what makes it so popular amongst developers, it is also what makes it a security concern to enterprises. The concern is that your source code is only as secure as the Continue Reading

Fake-Game: The Emergence of a Phishing-as-a-Service Platform

Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) business models continue to thrive in the cyber underground. It has allowed cyber crooks to generate renewable income through renting malware rather than selling their tool for a one-time payment. As a result, the business model has been adopted in various underground commodities such as exploit kits and Continue Reading