Vizable puts analytics at your fingertips

How often have you had the experience of opening a huge spreadsheet but wonder what all the data really means? Now, there’s an easy way to make sense of thousands of rows and columns with Vizable, an iPad app developed by data analytics specialist Tableau. Launched recently, the app makes Continue Reading

Details of the MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.0 release

We just announced availability of MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.0! In this post we’ll highlight some details of the MCM 1.4.0 release. Based on MySQL 5.6 MySQL Cluster Manager is part of the commercial MySQL Cluster offering from Oracle. MCM 1.4.0 is now based on the tried and tested MySQL 5.6 Continue Reading

Using an external mail filtering service

If you happen to be using an external mail filtering service or appliance, one of the critical setup steps is to ensure that MDaemon is configured to not accept messages that attempt to bypass your mail filtering service as spammers look ways to bypass filtering gateways. There are multiple ways Continue Reading

Phishing targeting domain registrants

We’ve recently become aware of a phishing scheme targeting customers of various registrars. Since this is targeting administrators directly, I felt it was worth of a mention even though it’s not MDaemon specific. This is a little difference from most phishing as it’s targeted to domain owners, and specifically mentions Continue Reading

Adding aliases to iOS

iOS has long supported email aliases for IMAP accounts, but in the most roundabout a difficult way possible, by copy-and-pasting comma separated lists into the account editor. If you still support older iOS devices, take a look at How to set up mail aliases on iPhone, iPad Modern iOS releases Continue Reading

Port numbers

Assuming a default configuration, the following inbound ports are required (depending on which services you want to make publicly available). All ports are TCP, unless otherwise mentioned. MDaemon 25, Inbound and Outbound – ESMTP 53, Outbound – DNS (note that return packets are required) 110, Inbound and Outbound – POP3 Continue Reading

Notify an administrator upon account creation

Have you ever wanted to run an external task or notify an administrator or similar when a new user has been created in MDaemon? This is actually possible via a content filter rule in MDaemon. The content filter is found within the MDaemon GUI under Security | Content Filter, but Continue Reading

MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.0 released

MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.0 is available for download from My Oracle Support. More details are available in the the MCM 1.4.0 Release Notes. Updated documentation is available here…… The post MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.0 released is fed from ReadySpace United States. Contents strictly belongs to ReadySpace and its respective partners.

11.48 to EOL in 2 Months

cPanel & WHM 11.48 is set to reach End of Life at the end of January 2016. In accordance with our EOL policy [], 11.48 will continue functioning on servers. However, no further updates, such as security fixes and installations, will be provided for 11.48 after it reaches EOL. We Continue Reading

Internet of Things gains momentum amid challenges

With 50 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020, up from 15 billion today, the Internet of Things (IoT) momentum seems unstoppable, even as the tech industry continues to grapple with barriers to adoption. According to networking giant Cisco, the number of sensors shipped has increased Continue Reading