EasyApache 3.30.2 Released

SUMMARY cPanel, Inc. has released EasyApache 3.30.2 with PHP versions 5.4.42, 5.5.26, and 5.6.10. This release addresses vulnerabilities related to CVE-2015-2325, CVE-2015-2326, CVE-2015-3414, CVE-2015-3415, and CVE-2015-3416. We strongly encourage all PHP 5.4 users to upgrade to version 5.4.41, all PHP 5.5 users to version 5.5.25, and all PHP 5.6 users Continue Reading

11.50 Now in RELEASE Tier

Introducing cPanel & WHM 11.50 cPanel, Inc. has released cPanel & WHM software version 11.50 in the RELEASE tier. CentOS 7 Support As part of version 11.50, cPanel & WHM offers support for CentOS 7 on fresh installations (one of our most-requested features!). Synchronized Calendar & Contacts One of our Continue Reading

Bing Moving to Encrypt Search Traffic by Default

At Microsoft, we’re committed to helping users keep their data safe and secure. That’s why we support the industry’s move to use of TLS protocols as part of our effort to expand encryption across our networks and services. Bing has already been offering users the option to encrypt search traffic Continue Reading

SMBs fall behind workers’ expectations to be more productive

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the Asia-Pacific region are not meeting their employees’ expectations to be more productive, a new Microsoft study has found. Indeed, just 35 per cent of employees working for SMBs have formal policies that support remote working, even though 74 per cent of them Continue Reading

CentOS IRC Meeting Calendar Now Available

As of now, you can subscribe to a calendar feed (.ical) in your calendar program of choice by adding this feed url: https://git.centos.org/raw/sig-core!calendar.git/master/output!irc-meetings.ical New meetings are added via pull-requests against this repository: https://github.com/CentOS/Calendar Why is this now available? The number of SIGs and general project work has grown and more Continue Reading

CentOS-7 (1503) armv7hl Proof of Concept (pre-alpha) Image available for the Cubietruck

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  • June 12, 2015
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As Jim Perrin pointed out in an earlier post here on seven.centos.org, we have commenced an armv7 (actually, armv7hl) open build to try and produce CentOS-7 for arm32 boards like the Cubietruck, Raspberry Pi2, and ODROID-C1 (among others). We now have a minimal sdcard only image for the Cubietruck from Continue Reading

Web Presence Builder and SiteBuilder – EOL timeline

APPLIES TO: Web Presence Builder (all versions) SiteBuilder 4.5.5 for Windows SiteBuilder 4.5.9 for Linux Web Presence Builder and SiteBuilder End of Life Notification Please note the following dates regarding product life for Web Presence Builder and SiteBuilder: End of Maintenance (EOM) status to be reached on December 31, 2016 Continue Reading

Rolling ISO Media release 1505 for CentOS 7 (x86_64) Now Available

The rolling ISO media releases for CentOS 7 for May 2015 (1505) are now available. These rolling ISO media releases are basically just respins of the install media at release time with all bugfix, enhancement, and security updates since release rolled in.  The updated ISOs for 1505 are based on Continue Reading

Simplivity says it’s not for sale, eyes public listing

Amid rumours that Cisco may be acquiring a hyper-convergence vendor, Simplivity, a key player in the red-hot hyper-convergence market, has said that it is not for sale. “We’re not selling the company because we think there’s a great opportunity in the hyper-convergence market,” Simplivity chief executive officer Doron Kempel told Continue Reading

Hands-on: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X1

Panasonic still sells more Toughbooks than Toughpads, but that is set to change as more enterprises embrace mobility in factories and warehouses. Soh Pheng Kiat, general manager of Panasonic’s Toughbook solutions team in Asia Pacific, believes ruggedised handhelds will eventually account for a majority of the company’s sales in the ruggedised device Continue Reading