New Datacenter

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Gartner: Tablet sales will continue to slow

As most people who want a tablet already have one, the growth in tablet sales this year is likely to continue to decline. In a statement Wednesday, Gartner, a technology research firm, said worldwide tablet sales will reach 233 million units in 2015, an eight percent increase from 2014. Over the Continue Reading

11.42 to EOL in 1 Month

cPanel & WHM 11.42 is set to reach End of Life at the end of January 2015. In accordance with our EOL policy [], 11.42 will continue functioning on servers. However, no further updates, such as security fixes and installaiotns, will be provided for 11.42 after it reaches EOL. We Continue Reading

New tool to track use of open source Web code

With no way of tracking how well open-source Javascript libraries are used on websites, developers are often unable to gauge the impact of their work in the larger community. That is set to change with a new tool developed by Julian Shapiro, the man behind Velocity.js, a Javascript-based animation engine for improving the performance of Continue Reading