15 Reasons to Sell Online with PrestaShop

Keep Calm and Sell Online with PrestaShop. Selling online with PrestaShop is about letting sellers push their limits, taking advantage of everything the web has to offer them. In any event, that’s the challenge PrestaShop set for itself nearly ten years ago.

With our simple, efficient, powerful, and international solution, your product, idea, project, store, or start-up is ready to become the next big e-commerce in the regions you decide to enter. The sun never sets on the PrestaShop ecosystem, a true asset for merchants in France and around the world who are looking to reap the benefits of web-development potential in Europe and elsewhere!

Want to know just what the last ten years have been all about? We’ve chosen 15 examples below—just to name a few—from open-source development to collaboration with a group of experts dedicated to helping passionate, ambitious merchants the world over.

15 Reasons to Sell Online with PrestaShop:

1. It’s about ranking among unstoppable French start-ups, like Sessun, Bobbies, and Monsieur Moustache.

2. It’s about easy-to-use software that’s also accessible, and a user-friendly interface that welcomes both newbies and coders, from the keyboard jockey to the web novice.

3. It’s about a unique program used by such renowned retailers as Eric Bompard, Manoush, and Ba&sh.

4. It’s about having a hub that connects an ecosystem of digital commerce experts (developers, e-commerce bosses, project managers), both in France and abroad.

5. It’s about joining a community with more than a million members in over 195 countries, all of which are rooting for ambitious entrepreneurs hoping to pursue their dreams worldwide.

6. It’s about having a free app that includes more than 500 functionalities, letting you manage your catalogue, orders and customers as you sell products on a responsive mobile site. The goal: grow your sales activity online and in-store.

7. It’s about a scalable solution that lets you quickly develop a store for the European market and the rest of the world in just a few clicks.

8. It’s about having the blessing of 250,000 active e-commerce sites around the world.

9. It’s about selling organic soap in Normandy, Pokémon cards in Japan, sports equipment in the Democratic Republic of Congo, natural beauty products in Malaysia, and T-shirts in Colombia.

10. It’s about trying 5,000 modules and themes available on the Marketplace, which ensure that you have the elements you need throughout all of your online store development phases.

11. It’s about using an accessible and versatile open-source solution that offers high flexibility and development transparency, at just half the development costs of other open-source solutions on the market.

12. It’s about Pure-Players, the heroes of the digital world, who achieved success with the help of PrestaShop: Le Slip Français, Décathlon, Envie de Fraises, Private Sport Shop, Brico-Privé, and many more.

13. It’s about having specialized hosting services that let you handle your site’s performance, even with high data volume.

14. It’s about e-commerce sites that work, and that generate tens of millions of euros in revenue through very different sales models (direct sale, private sale, marketplaces, social media).

15. It’s about an ultra-motivated, on-the-ground team with high standards, looking to make your store the next e-commerce success story.

To find out more, get in touch with our partner agencies or go ahead and download the PrestaShop software.

Happy e-commerce New Year to all!

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